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EZ Flow
EZ Flow Spun Glass Disposable Filters Merv 3-4
Low Air Flow Restriction

Alleviates Strain on

The Flanders Flat Panel EZ
Flow Is A Standard Grade
AC or Furnace Filter Of
The Same Type That Has
Been Protecting Furnaces
And Central Air
Conditioners Around The
World For Over 50 Years.
The Frame is Made From
Heavy Chipboard in A
One-Piece Design
That Eliminates
Corner Separation.
Flanders Precisionaire EZ
Flow Disposable Filters
Has A Metal Retainer Wall
On Downstream Side For
Protection Of Central Air
And Furnace Units In
Residential And
Commercial Applications.
This Synthetic Media Filter
Consists Of 100% High Bulk
Polyester Fibers That Are
Thermo Bonded With A
Fire Retardant Resin.

The Media Pads And
Support Grilles Are
Continuously Glued To The
Inside Perimeter Of The
Frame, Resulting In
Exceptional Strength And
Rigidity. This Design
Virtually Eliminates The
Possibility Of Media Sag
Within The Frame.
One-Piece Moisture
Resistant Chipboard.

Support Grilles Of
Perforated Corrosion
Resistant Steel On
Both Sides
Of The Filter.
Glasfloss Polyester Media
Disposable Filters
Consists Of 100% High
Bulk Polyester Fibers With
A Metal Retainer Wall On
Both Sides, Resulting In
Exceptional Strength And
Durability. Designed For
Use In Protection Of
Central Air Condition And
Furnace Units For
Residential And
Commercial Applications.
Glasfloss AC Filters and Furnace Filters
Glasfloss Z-Line Series Air
Condition Filters and
Furnace Filters Are The
Extended-Surface Pleated
Media Type.  The Media
Utilized Is Made Of 100%
Synthetic Fibers.

Our Most
Pleated Filter. They Offer
Excellent Performance and
Value for a Wide Range of
Residential And
Commercial Applications.
A Heavy Duty, Recycled
Expanded Metal
Reinforcement Is
Laminated To The
Air-Exit Side Of The Media
By A Thermo-Setting
Adhesive To Maintain
Continuity Of The
Radial Pleats.

The Expanded Metal Is
Galvanized To Resist
Rust And Corrosion.
The Glasfloss Z-Line
Series Pleated Filters
Offer Improved
Performance for Virtually
Every Application.

All Glasfloss Z-Line
Pleated AC and Furnace
Filters Feature Fibers
Which Do Not Absorb
Moisture and Will Not
Support Microbial Growth.
Pre Pleat
40 Filter
Flanders Precisionaire Pre Pleat 40 Pleated Filters Merv-8-11-13
Flanders Precisionaire Has
Led The World In Filter
Media Development And
The Application Of High
Efficiency Filtration For
Over 50-Years.

The MERV 8 Pre Pleat 40
Filter Features Synthetic
Non-Woven Media That Is
Ecologically Friendly.

Highest Dust Holding And
Lowest Pressure Drop In
The Industry.
Heavy Two Piece Moisture
Resistant Frame Includes
Diagonal And Horizontal
Support Members Bonded
To The Media On The Air
Entering And Air Leaving
Sides For Unsurpassed
Frame Strength.
Technology, Our Research
& Development Team Has
Now Achieved The
Multiplegoals Of
Maintaining MERV 8
Performance At A
Resistance That Is 40%
Lower Than Competition.
At The Same Time, The
LPD's Dust Holding
Capacity Remains The
Highest Utilizing A Unique
New Fiber In The Industry.
All This While Operating
On 100%Mechanical
Principles -
Frame &
Holding Frame With Disposable Media Filter Pads Merv 8
Buy This Amazing Frame
Once And Change The
Media Filter Pads On A
Regular Schedule. The
Mesh Fits In It's Own
Pocket Which Prevents
The Filter From Being
Sucked In The AC Or
Furnace Unit. It Has A
Lifetime Warranty.

This Is The Best Filter For
Anyone Who
Suffers From Allergies,
Dust, COPD, Hay Fever,
Asthma Etc.
Constructed With Extruded
Aluminum In A
Three Channel Design.
Requires No Modification
To Existing Furnace Or
Air Handler Systems Or
Ducts Work.
Merv 8
Rugged, Durable, Sturdy,
Permanent Aluminum
Holding Frame Is
Designed To Replace Any
Disposable Filters.

The Media Pads Are
Non-Migrating Heavy
Tackifier On The Orange
Downstream Side
Enhances Dust Retention
Antimicrobial Effectively
Controls Growth Of Mold,
Mildew, Algae And Fungi
On The Media
Purolator HE-40 Pleated Disposable Filters Merv 8
All Hi-E 40 Filters Are
Designed With A
Consistent Pleat Shape On
Predetermined Centers
Causing Dirt To Collect
Evenly Over The Entire
Surface Of The Media.
Fully Utilizing Every
Square Inch Results In A
Slow Steady Rise In
Resistance For Maximum
dust Holding Capacity.

Hi-E 40 Filters Will Not
Rack, Warp Or Bend Under
Normal handling Or
Operating Conditions.
Heavy Duty Beverage Board
Frame Provides A Moisture
Resistant, Sturdy Frame
Material Stands Up To Rough
Handling, Difficult Service
Conditions, Long Service
Life. The Die Cut Pattern
Increases Contact Points
Between The Beverage
Board And Die Cut By 50%.
Merv 8
The Adhesive Used To
Bond The Frame And
Media Pack Into A Unitized
Assembly Is Highly Water
Repellent. The Pleats Hold
Together Even When Wet.
No Delaminating, No
Excessive Buckling, No

Consistent Pleat Shape
Produces Optimum
Sophisticated Production
Control Techniques
Assure Consistent Pleat
Count, Pleat Height, Pleat
Shape & Spacing.
Proprietary "Engineered
Gradient Media Structure"
Enables Larger Incoming
Contaminants To Be
Trapped In The Pre-Filter
Layer Thus Allowing The
Highly Charged Secondary
Layer To Attract And Hold
Smaller Particles

This Proprietary Media
Combined With Glasfloss
Unique V-Pleat
Manufacturing Design Is
One Of The Highest
Performance Pleat
Mechanically And
Electrostatically Enhanced
Fibers Are Precisely
Structured Into A
Progressive Density
Gradient Structure To
Enhance Airflow
Throughout With Less
Resistance While Providing
High Dust Holding Capacity
And Ultra-High Efficiency
During Operational Life.
Merv 11
Glasfloss Merv 11 Pleated
Panel Filter Enables A
Significant Upgrade In
Collection Efficiency Over
Existing MERV 8 Products
At The Same Resistance
The Low Initial Resistance
Of The Merv 13 Can
Contribute To An Overall
Strategy Of Reducing
Energy Consumption.  A
Merv 13 Upgrade As
Trouble-Free As Direct
Replacement For Any
Residential And
Commercial Applications.

Puro Geen Combined With
Superior V-Pleat
Manufacturing Design
Results In The Highest
Performing Pleat
On The Market Today.
Each Filter Shall Consist
Of Synthetic Only Media,
With Corrosion-Resistant
Expanded Metal Backing
And Moisture Resistant
Enclosing Frame.
The Bonded To
The Media On The
Air Exiting Side
To Eliminate Media
Vibration And Pull-Away.
Merv 13
Puro Green 13 Pleated
Panel Filters Can Be An
Ideal Choice To Achieve
The Minimum Efficiency
Requirements Of LEED®
Green Building Design.
AC or
Electrostatic Washable AC or Furnace Filter
Even Though It Filters The
Impurities, It Will Also
Restrict Your Air Flow
Even Before It Starts
Getting Dirty.  Your Unit
Will Also Run Longer To
Maintain The Desired

We Do Not Recommend
This Type Of Filter.
The Electrostatic Air Filter
Is Made From Layers Of
Filtering Media Or Layers
Of Panels Stacked On Top
Of Each Other To Make
This Type Of Filter.
When You Wash This
Filter, It Is Very Hard To
Get It Clean Enough And
You Should Not Reinstall
It In Your Unit Wet
Because It Will Add
Additional Moisture And
Can Cause Mold Or

We Do Not Recommend
This Type Of Filter.
Hogs Hair
Hogs Hair Washable Filter
Some Blue Hog Hair Filters
Are Made With A Metal

Hogs Hair Washable
Filters, In Most Cases,
Allows Good Air Flow With

We Strongly Do Not
Recommend This
HVAC Filter.
There Are Different Colors
Of Hogs Hair Filters,
Mainly Blue And Some
Are Made With A Metal
Frame Which Are
Flimsy And May Fall
Apart Very Easily.
There Are Different Types
Of Material That Are Used
To Make The Hogs Hair
Filters. These Filters Are
Made With Unique Types
Of Filtration Media,   
Synthetic Materials Or
Fiber Blends To Make This
Washable Reusable Filter.
This Is One Of The Worst
Filters You Can Buy.  A
Large Portion Of The Dust
Passes Right Through The
Filter Onto Your Coil.  We
Strongly Do Not
Recommend This Filter.