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Hammock Rolls Fiberglass and Polyester White Filters

Hammock Rolls Fiberglass and Polyester White Filters

Glasfloss Spun Glass And Polyester Hammock Roll White Media Is Used For AC Filters And Furnace Filters. Hammock Rolls Are 90 Foot Rolls Of Media Cut In Various Widths. In Most Cases, A Single Cut Across The Roll Will Produce A Ready To Use Filter Pad.

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Need custom size air filter hammock rolls cut? Contact us today by using our contact form or calling us at 954-588-7774. Custom-made air filter pads are filter media made to specific sizes and specifications to match the unique needs of a precise air filtration system. Custom air filter hammock rolls are usually more expensive than standard air filter hammock rolls. Still, they offer the advantage of being a perfect fit for the specific air filtration system, which can lead to better performance, less maintenance, and less energy consumption.

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