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1" Frame with Disposable - Media Filter Pads Merv 8 - Best Filters for People with Allergies

Purchase Instructions: To find the right price for your Filter Pad Holding Frames, you can calculate the total square inches by multiplying the length and width of your desired filter size. During checkout, please enter the size in the comments section provided. Then, refer to the below pricing chart to find the appropriate price range.

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Discover the Ultimate Air Filtration with Our Aluminum Galvanized Filter Holding Frames

Holding Frame With the Disposable Media Filter Pads Merv 8. The Three Channel Extended Aluminum Design Keeps the Media Filter Pads Firmly In Place. The Media Filter Pads Are Made of Polyester With a Tackifier on the Orange Side. You Only Have to Buy The Frame Once and Replace The Media Filter Pads Every 6-8 Weeks Or As Needed. The Frame and Media Filter Pads Are Custom Made To Your Exact Size. The Media Filter Pads Are The Best For Eliminating Airborne Particles and is Also One of The BEST FILTERS FOR PEOPLE WITH ALLERGIES. The Frame Has a Lifetime Warranty.

Engineered for diverse air quality needs, these frames are a testament to unparalleled strength, efficiency, and adaptability in residential and commercial settings. Our Aluminum Frame Filters represent the perfect blend of robust construction and superior performance. Customizable to fit your specific air quality requirements, these frames are the ideal choice for durable and efficient air filtration.

High-grade aluminum construction for maximum strength
Custom and standard sizes for various applications Easy maintenance for long-term performance
Compatibility with multiple media types, including fiberglass and polyester
Perfect for rooftop units, hotel AC systems, and more
Galvanized Holding Frames: High-Velocity Air Filtration Solutions
Lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and easy to install Suitable for applications up to 550 FPM air velocity Accommodates filter depths from 1/2 to 6

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