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3" - 5" - 6" AC Filters - Furnace Filters

3" - 5" - 6" AC Filters - Furnace Filters

Non-standard air filter thicknesses refer to air filters that are not the typical sizes of 1", 2" or 4". These filters can be custom-made to fit specific HVAC systems or to accommodate unique requirements.

Some HVAC systems may require non-standard air filters due to their size or design. For example, a custom-made air filter may be necessary if an HVAC unit has a non-standard-size filter compartment. Similarly, if a building has unique air filtration needs, such as those found in hospitals or laboratories, non-standard air filters may be required to meet those needs.

Non-standard air filters can come in various thicknesses and materials, such as fiberglass, polyester, pleated media, and activated carbon.

When ordering non-standard air filters, it's essential to provide the exact dimensions of the filter compartment or the specific requirements the filter needs to meet. It's also necessary to ensure that the filter is compatible with your HVAC system and that you choose the correct MERV rating for your specific needs.

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