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Koch Air Filter Solutions: Fiberglass, Polyester & Pleated

Koch Filters are great at cleaning the air in your home or office. We have an extensive selection of different sizes of Koch filters so that you can find just the right one for your heating or cooling system needs.

Our Koch pleated filters are also a favorite. They're good at cleaning the air and come in many sizes, perfect for houses or large commercial buildings. The special Koch Multi Pleat filter is innovative because it's designed to catch lots of dust and stuff in the air while keeping your air flowing smoothly.

If you're wondering about the price, don't worry! Koch filters, including the pleated ones, are priced reasonably, especially for their quality.

You might be curious about who makes these excellent filters. Well, they're made by the Koch Filter Corporation, part of Johnson Controls, which tells you they're top quality. So, if you're asking, "Are Koch air filters good?" the answer is definitely yes!

The most common Koch filters typically have a MERV rating that ranges from MERV 4 to MERV 8. The specific MERV rating can vary depending on the exact model and specifications of the filter. A MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating indicates how effectively a filter captures larger particles between 0.3 and 10 microns in size. Filters with MERV ratings in this range, such as those offered by Koch, are generally suitable for residential and commercial environments where basic air filtration is required. They effectively capture larger dust particles, pollen, and other common airborne contaminants.

Check out our complete and current catalog of Koch filters on our online store. If you’re looking around for "Koch air filters near me," our e-commerce store makes it easy to get them quickly. And you won’t find these special filters at big stores like Home Depot or Lowes; they’re unique to our collection.

We have you covered if you need filters for your home or office. Order online or contact us via phone, text, or use our Contact Us form

Koch Fiberglass Filters - Unmatched Quality for Air Filtration

The Commercial/Industrial Koch Fiberglass Filter is tailored for light-to-medium duty tasks, offering robust performance across various industrial and commercial settings. Its construction is marked by durable materials suitable for various applications. The filter media, available in either progressive-density glass or poly, is designed for optimal efficiency. A vital feature of this filter is its heavy-duty frame and reinforced corners, ensuring both strength and longevity.

Emphasizing eco-friendliness, this filter design eliminates the need for additional metal supports, further contributing to its environmentally considerate profile. It also offers the convenience of special sizes to suit diverse requirements and is notably easy to install.

The Standard C&I Disposables, featuring high-grade fiberglass media, demonstrate a thoughtfully engineered dual-density media setup. The side where air enters has more open, coarse fibers, while the exit side has tighter, finer fibers. This configuration ensures effective depth loading and complete use of the filter media. Additionally, each fiber is treated with a special non-migrating adhesive, boosting the overall filtration effectiveness.

The Koch C&I Disposable filter employs a sturdy, one-piece frame made from moisture-resistant craft board, designed for both strength and ease of installation. The frame's interlocking miter corner enhances the filter's durability, making it a reliable choice for various commercial and industrial environments.

Koch Polyester Filters - Durable and Efficient Air Quality Enhancement

Koch Polyester Filters are known for being tough and lasting long. Koch Poly Commercial and Industrial Disposable Panels are cost-effective air filters designed for various air filtration needs. They're made with durable Polyester Media (White) in a dual-layered design, perfect for places that need synthetic filter media. These filters come with a strong, one-piece frame made from moisture-resistant craft board, making them sturdy and easy to install. The corners of the frame interlock, adding extra strength and doing away with the need for metal supports, which makes them more eco-friendly.

Also, a special thermoplastic sealant is used to attach the filter media firmly to the frame on both sides. This ensures that no air sneaks around the filter and adds firmness, ensuring the filter works well and lasts a long time. These Koch Poly filters are great for lighter to medium-duty air filtering tasks, combining high performance with lasting durability.

Koch Pleated Filters - Superior Filtration with Optimal Airflow

Koch Pleated AC Filters are good at catching lots of tiny things in the air you don't want to breathe, like dust and tiny allergy-causing particles. They have a high rating (called MERV) that shows they're super effective at cleaning the air. These filters are designed to catch most pollutants but still let air flow rapidly through your heating or cooling system. This means the air in your place stays clean, and your system doesn't have to work too hard, which can save energy costs.

The Koch Multi-Pleat XL8 Replacement Air Filter is a MERV 8 Extended Surface Pleated Panel Filter designed with a mechanical medium that doesn't depend on electrostatic charge for effectiveness. This means it maintains a consistent performance over time. It's characterized by its low resistance to airflow and high dust-holding capacity, ensuring that it doesn't just capture a lot of dust and particles but also allows air to move through smoothly.

The Multi-Pleat XL8's sturdy double-wall frame design and moisture-resistant beverage board frame enhance its durability and reliability. This particular filter is engineered for higher efficiency, providing better performance than standard pleated filters. It's an ideal upgrade for those seeking improved air quality beyond what disposable and standard fiberglass (MERV 4) and polyester (MERV 6) filters offer.

Koch Filters offers a wide range of top-quality solutions to your air filtration needs. Each product is designed with the utmost care and precision, from the durable and efficient Koch Fiberglass and Polyester Filters to the highly effective Koch Pleated Filters. Our user-friendly online store makes it easy to find and purchase the right Koch air filter for your specific needs. If you want to upgrade the air quality in your residential or commercial space, Koch Filters are the way to go. Shop online, or contact us via phone, text, or our Contact Us form.

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