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1" Koch Multi-Pleat XL8 Surface Pleated Filter for AC and Furnace - Merv 8

1" Koch Multi-Pleat XL8 Surface Pleated Filter for AC and Furnace - Merv 8
Upgrade your HVAC system with the Koch Multi-Pleat XL8, a medium-efficiency extended surface pleated panel filter designed to outperform standard pleated filters. These filters are meticulously engineered to deliver higher initial efficiencies, ensuring your AC and furnace units operate with enhanced effectiveness and reliability.

Exceptional Filtration Quality: The Multi-Pleat XL8 boasts a MERV 8 and MERV 8-A performance rating, as per ASHRAE Test Standard 52.2-2012, making it highly effective at capturing a broad range of airborne particles.

Optimized Airflow: These filters are designed to maintain optimal airflow within your HVAC system, contributing to improved air quality and system efficiency. Durable Construction: Built for lasting performance, the Koch Multi-Pleat XL8 filters are ideal for commercial and residential use, ensuring a cleaner and healthier indoor environment.

We understand the importance of a perfect fit. If you don't find the exact size you need for your system, we offer customization options for the Multi-Pleat XL8 filters. Contact us, and we'll tailor-make filters to meet your unique requirements. Enhance your air quality and HVAC efficiency with the Koch Multi-Pleat XL8 Surface Pleated Filter – a smart choice for those seeking superior air filtration solutions for their AC and furnace systems.
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