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2" Koch Multi-Pleat XL8 Surface Pleated Filter for AC and Furnace - Merv 8

2" Koch Multi-Pleat XL8 Surface Pleated Filter for AC and Furnace - Merv 8
Transform the air quality of your HVAC system with the Koch Multi-Pleat XL8 2" Filter, an exemplary choice for air conditioning and furnace applications. This medium-efficiency, extended surface pleated panel filter is engineered to surpass the performance of standard pleated filters, making it an ideal solution for enhancing indoor air quality.

Key Features:

Superior Filtration Efficiency: The Multi-Pleat XL8 holds a MERV 8 and MERV 8-A performance rating, in line with ASHRAE Test Standard 52.2-2012, ensuring it efficiently traps various airborne contaminants.

Advanced Design for Higher Performance: Specially engineered for higher initial efficiencies, this Filter sets a new standard in air filtration, offering superior performance compared to conventional options.

Ideal for Commercial and Residential Use: Whether in a bustling office or a cozy home, the 2" depth of this Filter makes it versatile for various settings, ensuring clean and healthy air wherever it's installed.

Customization for Your Unique Needs: At Koch, we recognize the diverse requirements of different HVAC systems. If your specific size needs are not listed, we're ready to customize the Multi-Pleat XL8 2" Filter to fit your system's dimensions precisely, guaranteeing optimal performance and fit.
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