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5" Practical Air Filter | MERV 11

5" Practical Air Filter | MERV 11
Superior Air Filtration with Practical Pleat High-Performance Return Grille Air Filters

The Practical Pleat Merv 11 filter replaces a standard 1" return air grate. Save money and get high-quality air filtration. These filters last up to 6 months. No retrofitting is required! They eliminate the aggravation and expense of installing special housings to accommodate duct-mounted, deep pleat air filters. The Practical Pleat Merv 11 media is up to 30 times more effective at capturing particles than standard filters. The 5" Practical Pleat's surface area is 433% greater than a comparable 1" extended surface pleat, reducing the pressure drop by 41%. They last four times longer than comparable one-inch filters. The Practical Pleat's self-sealing gasket conforms to imperfections in the filter track, eliminating filter bypass and preserving the integrity of the filter. The lower the resistance to airflow, the less energy required to operate the air conditioning heating system. In addition, unsealed filters allow particles to enter the system and accumulate on the blower and coil.

The Practical Pleat is revolutionizing air filtration with its innovative design and superior performance. This 5" high-performance filter is expertly crafted to replace less efficient 1" filters, offering a significantly enhanced filtration experience.

Key Features of the Practical Pleat: Innovative Gasket Design: The unique gasket of the Practical Pleat fits snugly into one-inch filter grilles, with the excess depth extending into the duct system. This design is pivotal in preventing air bypass, ensuring no unfiltered air enters your living spaces.

Exceptional Surface Area: Boasting a surface area that is 433% greater than comparable 1" extended surface pleats, the Practical Pleat delivers unparalleled filtration efficiency.

Extended Lifespan: With an effective lifetime up to four times longer than standard one-inch filters, the Practical Pleat offers both efficiency and longevity.

Unique Patented Gasket: The patented gasket of the Practical Pleat is engineered to conform to imperfections in the filter track, eliminating air bypass and maintaining the integrity of its MERV 11 or MERV 14 rating.

Customizable and Versatile: Available in MERV 11 or MERV 14 ratings, the Practical Pleat comes in 14 standard sizes with the option for custom sizes up to 24" x 60", ensuring a perfect fit for various systems.

Bulk Purchase Option: Practical Pleats are sold in cases of two, with a fee applied for orders not meeting case quantity, making bulk purchases efficient and cost-effective.

Upgrade to the Practical Pleat for a superior air filtration solution that combines innovation, efficiency, and adaptability. It's not just a filter; it's a commitment to cleaner, healthier air in your home or office.

Struggling to Find the Perfect Fit?

We can tailor custom-sized air filters to your dimensions, ensuring premium quality and optimal performance. Click here to inquire about custom sizes, and we will promptly provide pricing details. Feel free to call or text us for immediate assistance!

Don't have enough space in your wall for a 5" Practical Pleat filter? We have 2" Practical Pleat Filters too. Click here to learn more.

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