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Practical Pleat 18x30x5
Pleated Filters

$89.77 Each - 1 Case of 2
The Practical Pleat Merv 11 filter fits in place of a standard 1" return air grate. Save money and get high quality air filtration. These filters last up to 6 months. No retrofitting required! They eliminate the aggravation and expense of installing special housings to accommodate duct mounted, deep pleat, air filters. The Practical Pleat Merv 11 media is up to 30 times more effective at capturing particles than standard filters. The 5" Practical Pleat's surface area is 433% greater than a comparable 1" extended surface pleat and ultimately reduces the pressure drop of 41%. They last 4 times longer than comparable one-inch filters. The Practical Pleat's self sealing gasket conforms to imperfections in the filter track, eliminating filter by-pass, and preserving the integrity of the filter. The lower the resistance to airflow, the less energy required to operate the air conditioning heating system. In addition, unsealed filter allow particles to enter the system and accumulate on the blower and coil.

Best Used For...

  • Designed to be Used in a 1" Return Air Grate
  • Only Has To Be Changed Every 3-6 Months
  • Provides High Performance With Low Pressure Drop
  • High Dust Holding Capacity

Air Filter Description

Item Number: PP11-18305Brand: Practical PleatExact Size:
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