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1" Glasfloss PTA - A/C Filters - Furnace Filters Low Price Merv Rating 5-6

1" Glasfloss PTA - A/C Filters - Furnace Filters Low Price Merv Rating 5-6
Please Be Advised: Glasfloss Has Discontinued All Standard Size PTA Disposable Filters Due To The High Demand Of The Metal Needed To Make These Filters.

We Have Replaced Them With Our GDS Filters. The GDS Series Disposable Filters Incorporates The Same Heavy-Duty Framework. They Are Non-Toxic, Non Flammable, And Have An Odor Free Adhesive. These Filters Are Made With Two Cardboard Stabilizer Strips On Both Sides Of The Filter Which Is Stronger Than The Metal Circles. This Filter Also Eliminates The Sharp Edges For Safer Handling And Gives Better Airflow. They Have A Sturdy Construction As Well As Lower Prices And Better Lead Times.

Glasfloss PTA Series Merv 5-6 Disposable Filters With A Metal Retainer Wall On One Side Of The Filter, Resulting In Exceptional Strength And Durability. This Filter Is Constructed With A Single Piece Of Heavy Duty, One Piece Craftboard Frame. The Metal Grid Is Thermally Bonded Internally To The Frame. All Corners Are Closed And Sealed. Designed For Use In All Residential And Commercial Applications. These Filters Are Also Available In 2 Inch Sizes. Our PTA Filters Will Withstand Temperatures Up To 180 Degrees Fahrenheit. They Are Classified Under U.L. Standard 900 And They Are Made In The USA.
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