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Spring Is Finally Here, Which Means One Thing POLLEN!!
Many of us already have to deal with seasonal allergies and the know how to counteract the effects it has on us. But what about the effects it has in our home. Pollen is considered a threat on our surfaces that we end up touching and breathing every day. Another concern is the air conditioner which pollen and dust can find its way into the HVAC System. Now is NOT the time to have a Dirty Air Filter. You want to breathe clean crisp air in the home. Check the inventory and make sure you have enough air filters on hand. When you are down to your last two filters, it would be a good time to re-order. Due to the Coronavirus, there has been a longer lead time to ship our filters, so we are recommending you give additional time for ordering filters. Thank you for being a loyal customer. We hope everyone is being careful and staying safe.

Need to Change or Upgrade the AC Filters or Furnace Filters for a Healthier Lifestyle As Spring Cleaning Approaches
Everyone needs clean, toxin-free, and oxygenated air wherever they go. If the air is contaminated at home, allergies will affect and disrupt breathing issues, which will generally make them feel awful. Equally, when at work, the unclean air will slacken their mental function, retard creativity, bring headaches and drowsy feelings, and increase sick days off.

If there is a better way to live by, it would be by minimizing the exposure to risks, especially health risks that may be very detrimental to peopleís livelihoods. A healthy environment at home and work, mostly in the air a person breathes, gives them a chance for longer life. As people draw near the spring-cleaning time, it is important to understand and plan on how to carry this out. Of course, people make time to clean their houses during this time, but it is important to point out that many forget to change or upgrade their AC or Furnace filters.

Fundamentally, these furnaces and air conditioning systems play a significant role in providing and even cleaning up the air that many people breathe. These systems are regarded as a health aid, hence it is crucial to know why one needs to regularly change the respective filters to help their family and workers live a healthy and long life.

For those people who have pets, changing the air filters in their furnace is inevitable since their dander will fill the system and as a result, it will send allergens in the whole household. A dirty air filter for a person having asthma or suffers from allergies will worsen the symptoms.

By not changing their AC filters, Furnace filters, Air filters, or air conditioning filters, one makes the quality of the indoor air unhealthy. All of the air pollutants accumulate in the filters, so there is a high chance for them to get back backed up into the system. The particles are so tiny, you should purchase a high-quality filter and it should be changed at least every two months.

Always remember to change the air filters regularly and use high-quality filters to maintain good health conditions in the house and workplace. High-quality filters, such as our Glasfloss Merv 10 Z-Line Pleated Filters will remove harmful particles like dust, germs, bacteria, etc. leaving every family member healthy.

Allergy Proof The House To Prevent Allergy Attacks
For some individuals who suffer from allergies, spring is one of the most challenging seasons to face. It is the period when their asthma or hay fever becomes active. During this period, most people attempt to look for comfort indoors. They only find out that pet dander, dust, and mold have already created a habitat in the nooks and crannies of the house. A research conducted by Lancet Planetary Health Journal discovered that pollen season and pollen count durations have gone up as temperatures have increased for the last two decades. It is impossible to control the atmosphere. Several steps can be taken to reduce cases of allergy.

Establish a Weekly Cleaning Habit
Regular cleaning routine ensures that allergens are under control. The floor of the house should be scrubbed thoroughly at least once per week. Particular attention should be given to easy-to-miss spots of the house, underneath furniture, ceiling fans, crown molding, windowsills, tops of doors, curtains and blinds and so on.

It is advisable to get rid of items that easily collect dust, like magazines, books, ornaments, and decorations ó store kidsí stuffed animals, games, and toys in containers. Mold spores may get in the nose, which often results in hay fever or trigger asthma once it gets into the lungs. It is vital to clean mold from faucets, shower, and tub with bleach or clean moldy bathmats and shower curtains. Always remember to wear protective gear like a protective mask and rubber gloves while cleaning. They will protect the body from reactive detergents. Additionally, it will offer protection against breathing mold, airborne dust, or toxins.

Purifying the Air from Allergens
Humid, hot houses act as a breeding environment for mold and dust mites. The general public must ensure that during pollen season, they use the Air Conditioning unit and close the windows. Temperatures should be between 20-22 Celsius or 68-72 Fahrenheit. The level of humidity shouldnít go beyond 50%.

A high level of humidity creates a conducive environment for mold growth; hence, it is wise to make use of a hygrometer. This essential gadget will test the level of house moisture. The device is available at the various hardware stores, and itís critical for taking measurements of different rooms in the house. If the readings go beyond 50% in a specific place, then a dehumidifier is required.

Replace or clean the AC Filters in the air conditioner, central cooling, and heating systems at least once per month. There are some air purifying plants like dracaena, bamboo palm, aloe vera, spider plant, garden mums, and Boston ferns.

Handle Pet Pests and Dander
Individuals with pet-related allergies tend to have a sensitive immune system, which fights less harmful protein found in the petís sweat, urine, dander, or saliva. Their symptoms involve wheezing, coughing, watery nose or eyes, and congestion. To control pests and insects with the use of traps found in hardware stores is the best solution. It is essential to scrub hard surfaces and thoroughly vacuum carpeting to eliminate allergy-triggering pests and insects.

Upgrade the House to Allergy-Safe Standards
For individuals with severe allergies, they should give their homes an upgrade. If possible, they should install tile and remove the carpet and wallpaper or paint the walls with mold-resistant paint. It is essential to install an exhaust fan in the bathroom to minimize moisture levels while showering or bathing.

Everything you Need to Know about Asthma and Allergies
Most people don't know what asthma is all about. Well, for starters, it's a chronic breathing problem that comes as a result of an inflammation of the airways in the lungs. There's no cure for asthma, and it can only be prevented or controlled. People who have Asthma tend to have supersensitive airways and may react to several things. Once they get an inflammation in the bronchial tubes that are responsible for carrying air to the lungs, they experience difficulties in breathing and hence asthma attack. Let's take a look at some of the symptoms of asthma and what triggers the allergies.

Asthma symptoms
Asthma symptoms vary and may come and go depending on the environment or the activity of the victim. The following are some of the common asthma symptoms;

Continuous coughing
During an asthma attack, the victim may start to cough non-stop, and at such times, its always recommended they use their inhaler or avoid something that may be triggering the coughing. If it gets worse, consulting with a doctor or rushing them to the hospital is always a good idea.

Shortness of breathing
This is one common symptom with most asthma victims. When exposed to a particular trigger, an inflammation of the airways makes it hard to breathe, and you will often notice the victim struggle to get a breath of air. An inhaler can be of help in such situations

Wheezing is a high-pitched whistling sound that is made while breathing. It is common among people living with asthma due to the difficulty to breathe, they go through whenever they get one of those unexpected asthma attacks.

Chest tightness and sometimes pains
Most asthma attacks come with feeling the chest get tighter and might be accompanied by some pains. If someone talks about such symptoms its probably an asthma attack and should be attended to as soon as possible.

Common asthma triggers
Some conditions make asthma symptoms worsen and are called "triggers." They include; Cigarette Smoke
Indoor Air Quality
Animal Dander
Dusty Rooms
Perfumes and air fresheners among other scented products.

There is no restriction on getting an asthma attack. It is not restricted to a particular age bracket, gender or nationality, although it seems to be more prevalent among children. At the moment, there isn't a known asthma cure, but there are several treatment options available to control and prevent the disease. A physician can also be instrumental in helping you live a healthy, active lifestyle.

Hay Fever Season Is Here
When one is having a migraine or severe headache, it is essential to pay attention to the possible causes. If the headaches seem to come after or during a change of weather, it calls for paying closer attention. Changes in barometric pressure can trigger headaches, and if the barometric pressure is a factor for an individual, there is a need for them to be aware of upcoming weather changes.

Barometric pressure is the amount of force or pressure that is applied to the body from the air. Any changes in the pressure can cause headaches because air fills the sinuses.

Symptoms of Barometric pressure headaches
Symptoms of barometric pressure headaches happen after a decrease in barometric pressure. They feel like a typical migraine or headache, but one can also experience additional symptoms such as pain in one or both temples, numbness in the neck and face, vomiting, nausea and increased sensitivity to light. If one experiences these symptoms while itís humid or rainy, it could be the barometric headaches.

Barometric pressure effects on sinuses and allergies
When the external barometric pressure drops, it builds a difference between the pressure in the air inside the sinuses and the outside air. The air trapped inside the sinuses looks for an escape route, inserting pressure on the head, which causes pain. The barometric pressure in the springtime affects the sensitive fluid that fills the ear. When the pressure outside the ear drops before the pressure inside the ear, it forces the pressure to acclimate. It results in pressure imbalance that can cause a sensation of popping or fullness in the ears.

Non-allergenic rhinitis, weather-related sneezing, and stuffiness donít result from allergens. Humidity and temperatures are the common triggers for this form of rhinitis. Non-allergenic rhinitis responds to a decongestant instead of an antihistamine to assist in clearing up the minor weather-related sneezing and stiffness.

Rains have a way of eliminating pollen from the air reducing the pollen count in the air. For some people, this helps reduce allergy symptoms. To others, there are opposite effects, especially in the winter and fall seasons. The rain can boost the pollination levels during the cold weather, raising the pollen levels. Also, heavy rains during the spring make the grass grow faster, affecting the people allergic to grass.

There is no standard test to determine barometric headaches; thus, it is crucial to provide the doctor with much data as possible. The doctor asks about when the headaches occur, how long they last and what makes them worse or better.

Preventive maintenance is the key to a healthy home
With busy work and social lives, itís easy for home maintenance to fall by the wayside. Little jobs here and there can accumulate over time when general maintenance isnít part of a regular routine. What people donít often realize is the impact of this on the state of their property, and how itís actually really simple to create a healthier home instead.

Effects of poor maintenance
By waiting for things to have a problem before stepping in and addressing it, serious consequences can occur. This particularly applies to electrical systems, such as HVAC units. With every passing month, thereís an increasing risk of failures or faults. This has the potential to cost tens of thousands of dollars in unexpected repair or replacement costs.

Aside from the risks of failures or faults, there are other effects of not regularly maintaining an air conditioner. Poorer air quality can result from the accumulation of dust and dirt within the filters. This causes problems for those with allergies, and the dust can cause breathing irritations, as people ingest the low-quality air.

Preventative maintenance is the simple solution
To maintain a healthy home, itís important to take an active role in caring for the HVAC system. Preventative maintenance is key, by regularly cleaning and replacing parts so a huge cost doesnít come as an unfortunate surprise down the road, and to ensure the whole family breathes clean air all year round.

Change the filters regularly, dust the fans, and clean out the drain lines. Donít wait for a problem to occur and cost thousands of dollars before action is finally taken!

Seven Reasons Why Your AC Filter Isnít Improving Your Indoor Air Quality
HVAC systems have been recommended on many occasions for not only keeping the house warm but also for cleaning the air. However, there are times there is excessive dust, stale odors, humidity issues and you get respiratory conditions more often. All these are signs that your indoor air quality has decreased. There are more particles in the air you are breathing. And if you think you are doing everything right, there are reasons why your filter has compromised the air quality;

1. There Is No Filter
Filters keep the indoors and the HVAC system free of dirt. Therefore, it makes sense that if there is no filter, then your indoor air quality will be full of particles. For whatever reason, when you remove the filter, be sure to put a clean filter back into the system.

2. The Filter Has Been Wrongly Placed
Air has to move through the system in order to be purified. If the filter has been placed in the wrong place- where the air isnít coming in from, it is not being used at all. The air doesnít pass through and in the end that compromises the indoor air quality.

3. Presence Of Filter Bypass
When installing the air filter, it shouldnít leave space where air can pass by the filter instead of through it. This is a common mistake and the results you get is a filter that isnít working to its optimal performance.

4. Low-Efficiency Filter
Filters are rated using the MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) number. Say your filter has a MERV of 8-10, what this means is that it can filter over 90% of dust particles. So when the MERV number is low, the indoor air quality wonít be as efficient.

5. The Runtime
Sometimes one may switch off the system for various reasons such as high energy bills. Doing so, you save some cash at the cost of purified indoor air. Others think that getting a smaller filter system is the way to go. However, small systems have low air flow which will affect the filtration volume. The best way to ensure proper filtration is to do source control and have an efficient HVAC system but not reducing the runtime.

6. The Air Flow
If the filters are not changed often, they affect the pressure which in turn affects the air flow to the system. This is the reason why replacing the air conditioning filters is regularly recommended.

7. Failure To Filter Outdoor Air
Mechanical ventilation is important as it keeps the ducts clean. If the installation is done wrong, the air from the outdoor enters the ducts without being filtered, your indoor air will definitely contain a lot of particles and pollen from the outside.

All of these mistakes lead to filter inefficiency and the filtration of your indoor air is greatly affected. So next time try to avoid them to improve the indoor air quality.

Staying Safe during the Holidays
What do you want for Christmas? A laptop? An apron? Maybe that novel that you have always wanted to read but you are low on cash? How about security? For sure celebrating the holidays free of any crime sounds like the best Christmas gift Santa can get you. However, you donít have to wait for it. You can make the holidays safe by taking the right measures. And in the midst of joy, gift-getting, and gift-giving, people do not always pay attention to security. Sadly, theft is on the rise and during the festive season, it is at its peak. Donít be a victim by:

Shopping the right way!
It all starts with the shopping. When you shop, what you get and how you store it. To be on the safe side, avoid being a nocturnal shopper. Crime likes the dark. And in case you find yourself only free at night, be accompanied by a friend and find a well-lit parking spot. At the store, keep your wallet, purse and shopping bags close to you and be wary of pickpocketers. Should you forget something and have to go back to the store, make sure your shopping bags arenít exposed at the car window and keep the vehicle locked.

Being aware of your surroundings
Probably you are thinking, I have been in this neighborhood for years and go to the same store, what is there to be worried about? Well, first of all, there are some new faces from relatives and friends visiting and you may not distinguish them all. During the holiday period, it is hard to recognize a thief. Also, someone could follow you from the store. Creepy, right? Almost as if in a horror movie. Anyway, trust your gut if something doesnít feel right. If you are suspicious of someone and all the behaviors displayed are similar to those of a thief or a burglar, alert the police.

Staying safe at home
Wrapped gifts at the Christmas tree, big boxes at the garbage cans, home deliveries, sounds like some family is doing it big! Unfortunately, these are all invitations for robbers. To avoid being a victim, hold off disposing of any new electronic boxes and such, till the garbage pick-up trucks come. Break down the boxes if you must throw them right away and place them inside garbage bags.

For the wrapped gifts, just keep them away from open windows and away from the door. Make it hard for any ill-intentioned person to get a glimpse of the Christmas situation in your house. In addition, strangers knocking at your door should identify themselves. Thieves are smart and they will come pretending to be couriers or from charitable organizations. All in all, the police departments are aware of crimes during the holiday season and they are prepared. Nonetheless, safety starts with you and the above are just some measures to keep off burglars and thieves.

Avoid the Rush, Beat the Deals by Shopping Early
It is that time of the year again. The holiday season! A time where you can spend quality time with friends and family after burning the candle at both ends all year. However, this season raises another concern involving holiday shopping. You probably have those memories of the holiday rush. To some extent, our busy schedule may leave us no choice but to be last minute shoppers. For others, they are not in a hurry. Regardless, early holiday shopping has its perks;

Take all the time you need
There is no better feeling than taking your time buying gifts, comparing prices without having to worry about the deadline. Early birds feel no pressure. They cross off their gift list one at a time knowing they are doing their best. For last minute shoppers, they do not have the luxury, therefore they just put items it their cart without even making some considerations.

The selection
Before the holidays start, stores and malls stock their shelves in preparation. (You get where this is going?) People who take advantage of this have plenty of choices and not those leftovers that you have to buy since you cannot go back home empty-handed. By shopping early you are almost guaranteed to get the gifts you and your family want without waiting till the last minute when the most popular gifts are already gone.

This is good for your peace of mind
A full parking lot, the stampedes (you are familiar with Black Friday), and long checkout lines does a number on you. This is the kind of Ďtortureí you have to go through during last minute shopping. On the other hand, early shoppers endure none of this. You walk in and walk out a happy shopper.

Helps manage finances
During the holidays, it is hard to spare money especially if buying under pressure, giving you another reason to start shopping early. Avoid paying premiums for items you desperately need and shorten the holiday budget by getting gifts early.

Do not be stressed during the holidays and it is now obvious what you stand to gain. On that note, there is a way to also enjoy more benefits such as free shipping and it is through online shopping. You never have to leave your house. Just navigate through, add to cart and you are done. As is the tradition, holiday seasons attract huge discounts and now you can take advantage of free shipping promotions. See how convenient it is to shop online, and early?

That is all you need to know about early holiday shopping. Some have already started, so why not you? Help save money, your sanity and get sentimental gifts by being an early bird.

Determining When to Replace an AC or Furnace Filter
Without a doubt, HVAC systems have boosted the lives of many households by cleaning the air and providing a fresh and well-ventilated environment. Now, to extend the life of the system while still improving its efficiency, it is good practice to change the AC or Furnace filters more often. Changing the filter prevents extensive damage from a clogged filter, saves on operating cost and creates a healthier environment especially for the children and elderly people.

Regardless of these benefits, the question remains, how often should one change an air filter? These factors determine the time frame for the replacement of the filters;

The type of air filter
Cheap filters end up consuming most of your money as they will need constant replacements. The filters vary in thickness, material, their form etc. These variations also determine the replacement period on each AC Filter or Furnace Filter that has its recommended period.

The number of people and pets in the household
Living in a house alone means you do not have to change the filter more often as compared with living with several people or pets. Pets, in particular, have the influence to replace the filter even more often as they bring dirt, pollen, and dust from the outdoors.

Is there anyone with allergies?
Allergies can be made worse by mold, moisture, and dust. Meaning, in a home with a person with allergies, the filter should be replaced every month in order to create an environment for better health.

In addition to these factors, if the HVAC system is used frequently, the more frequent you need to change the filter. In a case of an unoccupied vacation home, changing the ac or furnace filter every two to three months is fine. All in all, these, together with the recommended period from the manufacturers should determine the time frame for replacement. If you can not DIY, you may want expert advice from AC Filters 4 Less.

Glasfloss Merv 8 Pleated Filters Now Achieves a Merv 10
Glasfloss is pleased to announce that our Z-Line Series pleated filter line now achieves a Merv 10 per the 2015 ANSI/ASHRAE 52.2-2012 Supplement Standard. The new Merv 10 performance will upgrade our Z-Line Series with no increase in initial pressure drop, no extra cost, and the service life will not be affected.

Tips For Improving Your Indoor Air Quality From A/C Filters 4 Less
As much as half of the energy used in your home goes to heating and cooling. So making smart decisions about your home's heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system can have a big effect on your utility bills ó and your comfort. Take these steps to increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

Check your 1" furnace filter every month, especially during heavy use months (winter and summer). If the filter looks dirty after a month, change it. At a minimum, change the filter every 2 months. A dirty filter will slow down air flow and make the system work harder to keep you warm or cool ó wasting energy. A clean filter will also prevent dust and dirt from building up in the system ó leading to expensive maintenance and/or early system failure. Most families are on a budget, so following these tips will help keep your bills down and maintenance to a minimum.

We Stand Behind Our Products
We stand behind everything we sell at AC Filters 4 Less and strive to provide the best online shopping experience. We are committed to offering unparalleled selection, thorough product knowledge, and excellent customer service. We take great pride knowing we are helping our customers with the information they need to make the right decision for all of their filtration needs. Thank you for your confidence with our company, we look forward to having you as a long time customer.

High Merv Rating HVAC Filters
It's not always best to have a high Merv rated pleated air filter. It does give better air filtration, but they tend to restrict the air more in some units. It all depends on what is best for the AC or Furnace unit. Call the owners, Mark or Michelle, they will help you decide what is needed for the air conditioning system, with no obligation.

How To Get Allergy Relief
Is your family experiencing any of these health problems such as - sinus, allergies, congestion, sneezing, wheezing, coughing, asthma, headaches, migraines, or itchy watery eyes? Do these symptoms occur in certain locations - such as the home or workplace? There can be more issues than having a dirty air filter or furnace filter such as mold issues. You can eliminate most of these problems by changing or upgrading your air conditioning or furnace filters on a regular basis. If that doesn't work, then you might need to call a licensed professional to assess the problem.
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