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Do You Suffer From Pet Allergies?

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When you find yourself sneezing each time a dusting of pet dander is stirred up across the room, you may be left envying the allergy sufferers who only have to deal with the sniffling and sneezing seasonally. Of course, wouldn't it be better to do away with your allergies all together?

Pet allergies are incredibly common, and your first response might be to try and limit your interactions with such fuzz balls as much as possible. If you're an animal lover, however, that's probably not going to be a very good option. Instead, you might find yourself reaching for an over-the-counter allergy reliever, but they have side effects that can leave you feeling drowsy and they don't always do a good job at clearing up your symptoms.

Instead, you need to be taking a multi-faceted approach to dealing with your pet allergies:

● Reduce exposure. While you may love seeing your little furry friend, it may be best to try and confine them to just one part of the home or leave them outdoors for part of the day.

● Get an air purifier. Make sure that the air in your home is kept as clean and fresh as possible by getting an air purifier to cleanse it and help remove pet dander.

● Change your air conditioning or furnace filters on a regular basis.

● Keep your home clean. Remove clutter and give your house a good thorough cleaning once or twice each week to help cut down on pet dander and other allergens that can irritate your symptoms.

● Bathe your pet. Bathing and grooming your pet frequently will help limit the amount of pet dander they are able to shed around your home and into the air. Have them groomed professionally, if needed, to avoid stirring up your allergies even more.

● Cover the litter box. Have a cat? Move their litter box out of the way and make sure it is kept covered and cleaned out often to help prevent the spread of pet dander.

● Take a medication. An allergy medication might be the right way forward for you if you are trying out other methods, like those mentioned above, and still suffering. Ask your doctor about what medication might give you relief.

● Consider a non-allergic pet like a non shedding breed. While you may have a pet preference, if you are looking for a new animal to add to your family, don't add one that's going to make your allergies worse.

● Before you buy, borrow! Before adding a new pet to your home, be sure to borrow one from a friend or have your allergies tested to see what types of animals you are allergic to.

Follow this advice and you can begin seeing relief from your pet allergies.

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