A/C Filters 4 Less

Donít Try To Extend the Life of the Air Filter At The Cost Of the Air Conditioning Unit

AC Filters 4 Less
A lot of resource materials pertaining to the upkeep of air conditioning units tell the stories and hands-on procedures on how to fix or extend air filters life. As a result, most people view this as the most important component in an AC system. Arguing with this fact is almost hopeless especially due to the benefit air filters have including purifying the air. However, what they do not disclose is that every other components matter. Thus, do not go extending the life of the air filter at the cost of the air conditioning unit just because of such beliefs. Hopefully, shedding light on other components will change this perception.

1. The compressor:
It is responsible for the air conditioning system operation. It creates a continuous cycle of turning gas into liquid and converting low-pressure gas into high pressure which is then passed on to the condenser for the cooling effect. Considering that this is where it all starts, the compressor is a major component in an AC unit. (Sort of the ACís engine).

2. Condenser:
The condenser completes the cycle. As it takes in the refrigerant, and it eliminates the heat from this high-pressure gas turning it back into the liquid state. After the process is done, the liquid refrigerant then proceeds to the evaporator coil to collect more heat.

3. Evaporatorr:
Again, the heat is extracted from the liquid refrigerant only that the low pressure in the evaporator turns it into gas. This is the final process leading to the cool air that is blown back to the house. This systematic process repeats itself from the compressor to the condenser and finally to the evaporator coil over and over. Furthermore, the evaporator also extracts the humidity in the air and helps balance the humidity levels.

4. Thermostat:
Once the desired temperature is reached, the air conditioner turns off. When the temperature rises again, it turns on. This is due to the thermostat which controls the air conditioner thereby controlling the billing rates. Setting it high substantially reduces the bills. Thermostats are manually or automatically set.

As stated earlier on, we hope this piece is insightful and turns most people from the thought that air filters are the only things to consider when it comes to maintenance costs. If the air filter fails, just replace it instead of repairing. Otherwise, it may affect the functionality of the other components.
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