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A/C Filters 4 Less

Going Green Movement

AC Filters 4 Less
AC Filters 4 Less Educates Consumers On Joining The “Go Green” Movement and Saving Energy
AC Filters 4 Less works to educate consumers on how to save energy with clean AC filters and furnace filters.

Many homeowners, small businesses and large corporations are looking for ways to save energy and join the “Go Green” movement. Not only is the go green movement good for the environment, it helps improve energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact. There are many small changes to be made, whether it is in the home, office or warehouse to save money and reduce energy.

Running an HVAC unit accounts for more than half of all energy costs in the average home. With summer quickly approaching, it makes sense to asses the HVAC system and learn ways to cut costs. Air conditioners use a large amount of energy and are expensive to operate. They also pose potential risks to the environment. AC Filters 4 Less provides several alternatives to enhance the air conditioning system, along with running the AC more effectively.

Absorption cooling, now available for residential use heat generated by solar-heated water or natural gas, rather than electricity. Natural ventilation is always the most cost effective way to cool a home, but not always feasible in very hot climates. If a new cooling system doesn’t fit the budget or climate, there are some easy ways to reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills while still using the air conditioner. Purchase good quality filters and change them regularly (every 4-6 weeks or as needed). If you have multiple units, turn off the units in rooms that aren’t used regularly. Don’t leave the AC set at the same level every day. The air should fluctuate just as the outdoor air does. Make sure to maintain the caulk and weatherstripping around the exterior of the home to keep cool air in and hot air out. Use ceiling fans, portable fans, attic fans etc., whenever possible.
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