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A/C Filters 4 Less

Informs Consumers About Total External Static Pressure

AC Filters 4 Less
A/C Filters 4 Less works to inform consumers about the importance of total external static pressure and how it relates to their AC Filters.

Homeowners buy expensive filters because they want to improve the air quality in their homes, ironically these filters can worsen air quality. A/C Filters 4 Less recommends looking inside the panel of the central air conditioning system where the manufacturers rating label can be found. Typically one of the ratings is Total ESP, which is the maximum resistance for which the fan is rated.

When Total ESP is greater than the fans rating the fan slows down, which causes several problems. First, there may not be efficient air flow to ensure even cooling throughout the home. Second, the air passing over the evaporator coil may be insufficient to ensure proper dehumidification. Dehumidification is important to keep mold from growing and contaminating the home and air.

A/C Filters 4 Less understands the importance of good indoor air quality for homes and businesses. “Not only do we provide AC and Furnace Filters to our customers, but we also help them to ensure they are purchasing the best, most efficient filter for their needs. We are dedicated to informing all of our customers of health hazards that can arise from improper filters and usage.”, notes Mark Platt, owner.
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