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Proudly Supports Island Dolphin Care

AC Filters 4 Less
A/C Filters For Less proudly supports Island Dolphin Care, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping children and families dealing with disabilities or terminal illness.

Island Dolphin Care, launched by Deena and Peter Hoagland, provides intensive weeklong sessions for special-needs children and their families. IDC employs therapists with a background in special education. The skilled therapists at Island Dolphin Care use the motivation and excitement generated in the water and in their classroom sessions to introduce new techniques and resources to each child and family. A/C Filters 4 Less is a local business supporter helping to spread awareness about Island Dolphin Care and their programs.

Deena and Peter Hoagland’s son Joe was born with a heart defect and suffered a stroke during surgery leaving him paralyzed and visually impaired. Not responding to typical traditional therapy, the Hoagland’s thought water activities might give Joe more physical freedom. That is where Joe met Fonzie a 600 pound, 10 foot long Atlantic bottle nose dolphin at a public swim with dolphins facility. It was the first time Peter and Deena heard their son laugh since the stroke. After 22 months of swim therapy, as well as supplemental physical therapy, Joe almost fully recovered. "If dolphins could help Joe feel better about himself and motivate him to try new tasks, then the dolphins might also help others." says Deena.

Not only does IDC help children with disabilities, but they have programs dedicated to helping Veteran’s who have been wounded while serving in the military. Mark & Michelle, owners of A/C Filters 4 Less accompanied their son and nephew to swimming with the dolphins event for a hands on experience. “With my son being a Staff Sergeant Crew Chief in the Air Force and my nephew previously in the Army (who suffers form PTSD and benefits from IDC), these wonderful programs have become very important to us. We are proud to support this amazing program and everything it has to offer so many in need.”, notes Mark Platt owner.

Island Dolphin Care is a spectacular organization providing joy and happiness to many individuals worldwide. IDC is continually growing and in need of supporters. For more information or donation details, visit
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