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A/C Filters 4 Less

Reducing Airborne Transmission With HVAC Air Filters

AC Filters 4 Less
Maintaining healthier breathable air amidst the Coronavirus outbreak. Keeping families and businesses safe during a global pandemic requires various strategies that can reduce the spread of this disease. AC Filters 4 Less encourages everyone to follow all of the information and guidelines issued by the Center for Disease Control for this rapidly evolving situation.

HVAC filters can reduce but not eliminate the threat of this infection. High efficiency filters on the other hand can trap particles. Selecting the correct filter can reduce the risk while improving the indoor air quality. AC Filters 4 Less is dedicated to providing honest and reliable information about our filtration products.

IMPORTANT: Our air filters can reduce airborne particles in a controlled environment. They will not eliminate the risk of exposure to airborne viruses but can be a comprehensive plan to help reduce the risk. Keeping families and businesses safe during this global pandemic is our number one priority.

The spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) mainly occurs through the respiratory droplet transfer from person to person within a close range of about six feet according to the CDC. The virus can be transmitted on skin, objects, and surfaces that a contagious person may cough on, or touch. Pathogens can also travel on dust and dirt particles as those particles move through the air. Therefore, the potential for airborne transmission through an HVAC system exists.
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