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Why People Prefer Online Shopping

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Just a decade or so ago, shopping online was a hassle. Most company websites lacked a smooth, fast interface and many still weren’t even offering their full catalog online. Worse yet, many customers were fearful of buying online because of potential security breaches. Today, that story has completely turned around.

More people are shopping online than ever, and the e-economy is booming because of it. Sites where, just a few years back, consumers were struggling to find the item they were drooling over in-store, now companies are offering even more on their websites than they ever could inside a department store building. Consumers have more options when it comes to everything from product choices and color selections to shipping speed and prices. It’s no wonder malls are struggling to keep up.

Why People Prefer Online Shopping

There are countless reasons why consumers are now turning to the internet to get their shopping done, and one of the driving forces behind this new trend is that more laptops, tablets, and smartphones are in use than ever before. This makes getting online to shop even easier, and companies are quickly responding to meet the needs of online shoppers by offering “online only” products and exclusive deals that no shopper could get if they walked into their local outlet.

And, in addition to often saving money on the products themselves, they’re also saving money on gas and they’re saving time on having to drive to the store. Not to mention the fact that they’re beating the crowds and, if they need assistance, live chat functions and phone assistance rivals that of any in-store employee every day of the week (plus, online support is actually available every day of the week!).

All of this means that online shopping is certainly a trend that’s going to stick around, even though there remains one struggle with it: trying things on.

The #1 Problem of Shopping Online When it comes to clothing items, which happen to hog around 20% of online transactions, the only struggle consumers face is the lack of ability to try on the item before purchasing. But, companies are overcoming this hurdle in a few ways.

Today, exchange and return programs are simpler than ever with most companies including a free return packing slip in every order. Most companies also offer consumers the option of going in store for an instant transaction. But, if a store is located nearby, most consumers will head there first to try on items and find their size and then head home to purchase online where they can make use of deals and coupons.

So, even if consumers do head in-store, they’re still more likely to go online where they can “bargain shop” before they’ll consider buying at full price in person.
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